Exhibitor Information


Who is eligible to show their car?

We created Eurofest as a celebration of the best of European Automotive Engineering, and we believe that this means European Cars. Their quality of engineering, cool factor and storied histories in combination with one another make for an unmatched driving & ownership experience, which is worth celebrating.

We don’t just want to celebrate a car that you can just go to the showroom and buy as-is. For a car to be special, it must be customized by its owner in some form or another – the car needs to suit the driver and their specific needs.

To be eligible, your car must meet at least two of the following criteria:

Interior Modifications

Anything from new seat fabrics to weight reduction – if your interior has been ripped apart and put back together differently, we want to see it!

Exterior Modifications

We want to celebrate the best, prettiest, cleanest cars – anyone who says looks aren’t important is wrong.

Engine Performance Upgrades

Who doesn’t love go-faster bits? Anything from full bolt-ons to complete engine swaps, we want to see how you’ve made the car pull harder.

Suspension & Brake Modifications

Do you believe in “slow-car-fast”? Do you live and breathe autocross? Are you king of the corner? Come show us how you got there

Sound System

Do you always bring the noise? Are you the life of the party? Do you have more speakers than a Berlin nightclub or a fire Mix Tape? Come blow our ears off.


This doesn’t mean being slammed on the ground or -50 degrees of camber, Stance is how the cars suspension and wheel specs suit the car.

Classic, Restored or Rare

If your car is a survivor, one of a few thousand, or just really, really old, this category is for you. We love the storied cars and we want to see yours.

Track Readiness

With the opening of Rocky Mountain Motorsports park approaching quickly, we want to see what you’ve built for opening day at the track.


We're giving away some seriously grand prizes. Details coming soon.

Other Information

Prize Categories

Prizes will be awarded in some (or all!) of the following categories. At least 3 cars must be eligible for each of the below categories for a prize to be handed out:

    1. Most Modified
    2. Best Wrap
    3. Best Audio
    4. Best Air Suspension
    5. Best Interior
    6. Classic, Restored or Rare
    7. Best Detailed
    8. Best in Show
    9. Best Wheels
    10. Best in Show (Runner up)
    11. Best Volkswagen
    12. Best Volkswagen (Runner up)
    13. Best Audi
    14. Best Audi (Runner up)
    15. Best “R”, “RS”, “S” Line
    16. Best BMW
    17. Best BMW (runner up)
    18. Best “M” Car
    19. Best Other Euro*
    20. Best Other Euro (Runner Up)

Prize categories may change a little, depending on who registers!

Entry Fee

The entry fee for the event is $25. This will increase as we get closer to the event.

There is no fee if you’re just attending to spectate.

Registration now closed.