Celebrate the best of German Automotive Excellence with Sheni's

Eurofest is a German-only car show held annually in September, hosted by Sheni's Auto Trend


About Eurofest.

Over 30 years ago, Sheni started working on BMWs, first as a tech, then as service advisor, and finally opening Sheni’s Auto Trend. The business grew and evolved to include the whole family, and together the team has worked on tens of thousands of German Cars.

When working on them all day, every day, it becomes easy to forget why we love these cars so much.

This is why we created Eurofest – to be an annual celebration of these cars, and all of you who share our passion for them. 

Event FAQ

When & Where?

Eurofest is held at Sheni’s Auto Trend, outdoors in the back lot.

The event will be held September 12th, from noon to 4pm.

We’re located in the Blackfoot Industrial Park, near Chinook Mall. You can find us by following this link.

Our address is 521 53 Ave SE:

Where can I park?

Street Parking is available in the areas surrounding the Sheni’s property. Both 4th and 5th Streets have ample street parking available.

When driving to and from the show, please remain respectful and refrain from driving in a way that breaks the highway safety act.

What is the event schedule?

We’re still working on the finer details – this is our second car show so go easy on us while we learn from last year!

11:00 – 12:00: Roll in

12:30 – 3:00: Judging

3:00 – 4:00: Awards

12:00 – 4:00: Open to (limited) spectators

But what about COVID-19?

We take the threat from this virus seriously. Currently, Alberta is limiting the capacity of outdoor events at 200. We expect this to increase as we move closer towards a new school year.

If in the weeks prior to the event it seems that during our event we will not be able to increase this capacity, we will figure out a way for you to make an appointment to show up and spectate our show, in an effort to minimize any queues.

We will also be setting up a 1-way path through the event, to help maintain social distancing. Also, any queues will be marked for social distancing as well.

A car show is generally a pretty distanced activity, and with some additional precautions and measures, we can all work together to minimize the risk and slow the spread.

What's different from last year

Our first Eurofest in 2019 went surprisingly well (if we do say so ourselves), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of room for improvement!

For 2020, we will be:

  • Making roll-in way faster and easier. You will receive a registration to print off on arrival, and we have setup an online payment portal for registration fees.
  • Shortening our program. Last year was dragging on a little at the end. We’re shaving 2hrs off our schedule, because you’ve got other stuff to do, and we get that.
  • Make more space for cars. Last year, some of the best rides showed up only to park in visitor parking – we want to be able to show those off and give their owners prizes too.


Sponsors will be announced soon.



Rob – A stance kid all grown up (sorta of). Over 10 years of ruining perfectly good cars all in the name of wheel fitment for this guy. Tuck or poke, it’s all dope!

Jozef – The parts wizard. Having been part of many car show winning vehicles as well building several award-winning scale models, his eye for detail is razor sharp and his standards are lofty. Will you be able to catch his eye?

Adrian – Growing up around stanced Volkswagens, Adrian has moved onto bagging Audis and knows the scene inside and out. He has been a big member of the car community over the last 5 years and isn’t afraid to call you out for cropped corners or bacon fenders.